Sunday, November 27, 2011

Today's Financial Investment Advice: Economics 101 Gets A Failing Grade

It's hard to believe that it's been ten years since the ENRON fiasco occurred. And even now, most people can't make up their minds which facet of the terrible fraud bothered them more: a huge firm that went bankrupt or the masses of employees who were suddenly jobless and devoid of their retirement accounts. In reality, the most unsettling issue is the lack of financial investment advice which would have prevented the entire debacle.
Obviously, fraud is the more extreme way to lose your employer-sponsored retirement program. But in an economy that has proven to be anything but reliable and is predicted to crash far harder in 2011 than it did in 2008, your retirement fund is at risk. That is why so many people are seeing the need to take back responsibility of their retirement planning and seek the value of reputable financial investment advice.
In addition to unstable employer-funded retirement accounts, Americans can no longer rely on their social security payments to carry them through their golden years like the generation before. The number of people facing retirement who are in debt are higher than ever. Credit card debt is sadly looked upon as a way of life. The possibility of retiring comfortably is a dream that the average American will not realize unless they get their hands on valuable financial education that is in huge demand today.
So how does someone who is in debt get their financial house in order in the midst of an economy that is unstable and headed for a catastrophic fall? The short answer is to spend less than you are making and invest wisely in what you save. If you look at a good chunk of the ultra wealthy, especially those who are older than most of us, they don't live ostentatiously. They drive cars that are paid for, live in homes that are paid for, and they don't buy what they don't need.
Take my partner's father for example. Her dad is a multi-millionaire who lives in a nice home, drives nice cars, goes on nice vacations. But there are shoes he's had for 20 years, rakes his 2 acres of lawn himself every fall, burns his combustible garbage to eliminate a garbage pick-up bill, and washes and waxes his cars instead of having a service do them.
One thing is for sure. The investment strategies that you've been taught in economics 101 will not do the trick.
The most successful and wealthy people in the world are using strategies that run counter intuitive to what the common American thinks will work. And they're getting access to that information via cutting-edge financial investment advice from the most brilliant financial minds of our day, men like Gerald Celente, Kip Herriage, and Wayne Allyn Root.
In the current world economic situation, it is an act of futility to trust your retirement planning to anyone but yourself. By following the advice of experts with solid credibility in the fields of business and finance, investing, and politics, you will be able to survive whatever the economy throws our way.
Art Basmajian is an Strategic Entrepreneur and Online Marketing Specialist. He inspires people through personal coaching and webinar training on how to create an executive level income using the power of the Internet.


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  8. what actually bothers me is not he fact that a huge firm went bankrupt or people were unemployed and pensionless, but the fact that these so-called leaders lacked moral judgement and actually allowed this to happen. it seems that from the beginning of their venture, they worried about their pocket before the people. it hurts me to know that i am a human just like these shady enron idiots who lacked and probably still lack moral judgement. if they're not in jail, i hope they burn in the hell that is their miserable life.

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